Myerberg & Company, L.P.


Marcia Myerberg: Marcia Myerberg has over 40 years of experience in the mortgage and capital markets. As Senior Vice President-Corporate Finance and Treasurer of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation from 1979 to 1985, Ms. Myerberg directed all of Freddie Mac’s mortgage securitization programs, treasury functions, MBS sales and trading activities, and financial risk management.   Ms. Myerberg was also directly responsible for Freddie Mac’s pioneering development of the Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO), and the creation of its 15-year, multifamily and ARM pass-through securities programs. Ms. Myerberg also initiated Freddie Mac’s discount note and debenture financing programs and managed its Negotiated Transactions unit that executed large mortgage purchase transactions not included in Freddie Mac’s standard programs.   She also led the team that developed and implemented Freddie Mac’s Book Entry program for mortgage securities with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Following her work at Freddie Mac, Ms. Myerberg served as a Director at Salomon Brothers and as a Senior Managing Director at Bear Stearns. At Salomon Brothers, Ms. Myerberg, working together with Mr. Taylor, created The Mortgage Corporation, the firm’s UK mortgage banker and served as its Chairperson, establishing operating systems and procedures for the origination, servicing and securitization of investment quality residential first mortgage loans.  Ms. Myerberg also engineered and managed the turnaround of Residential Funding Corporation, Salomon Brothers’ secondary market non-conforming mortgage loan conduit. At Bear Stearns, Ms. Myerberg established and managed Bear Stearns Home Loans Limited in London, England, introducing the first long-term, U.S.-style fixed rate mortgages and mortgage securitizations to the U.K. capital markets, and acted as financial advisor to The Boston Company in the marketing and sale of its U.K. mortgage portfolios.

More recently, as Chief Executive Officer of Myerberg & Company, Ms. Myerberg has provided financial advisory services to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (FHA single family, multifamily and healthcare asset sales), the Small Business Administration (disaster assistance and general business loan sales), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (MBS subordinate classes and residuals) and the Federal Home Loan Banks (residential mortgage loan purchase program development).   Ms. Myerberg graduated from the University of Wisconsin.


Gordon Taylor: Gordon Taylor has over 35 years of experience in international investment banking, mortgage finance and asset-backed finance. Mr. Taylor was an original member of Salomon Brothers’ Mortgage Finance Department and directed the firm’s mortgage-backed and asset-backed new product development activities throughout the 1980’s. As a Vice President and later a Director at Salomon Brothers, Mr. Taylor participated in the creation of virtually all of the major types of mortgage-backed and asset-backed financing techniques currently used in the US and international capital markets. His accomplishments include the development and execution of several of the first conventional mortgage pass-through security offerings, the first CMO, the first automobile receivables securitization, the first credit card securitization, the first UK mortgage securitization, the first mortgage securitization in Spain, the first commercial mortgage securitizations in the US and the UK, and the first insurance premium receivables securitization in the US. The structuring techniques that Mr. Taylor developed to accomplish these transactions formed the foundation for all of the subsequent securitization and structured finance transactions in the US and international capital markets. Mr. Taylor was also responsible for the design of significant portions of the legislation regarding mortgage securities transactions and investment in the US and consulted to the Bank of England, the Bank of Spain, the Finance Ministry of Malaysia, the Government of New South Wales, Australia and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on the creation and development of mortgage securities markets and on mortgage securities matters.

In addition to his experience at Salomon Brothers, Mr. Taylor has served as a consultant to the Resolution Trust Corporation and in senior-level investment banking and asset management positions with American International Group, Inc. and Violy & Company, among others. Most recently, Mr. Taylor was Associate Dean & Executive Officer at Dartmouth College.   Mr. Taylor graduated from Yale University and received his MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.