Myerberg & Company, L.P.




Ms. Myerberg and Mr. Taylor have a long history of successfully working together in the mortgage capital markets as both banker and client and as colleagues. When Ms. Myerberg was Senior Vice President-Corporate Finance and Treasurer of Freddie Mac, she and Mr. Taylor worked together to create the first CMO transaction, Freddie Mac’s ARM pass-through securities program, its zero-coupon capital debenture offering, and its initial issuance of preferred stock. As Directors of Salomon Brothers, Ms. Myerberg and
Mr. Taylor worked together to create The Mortgage Corporation Limited, in London, England. Jointly managing the work of a team that included US and UK counsel, the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange, H.M. Treasury, several UK insurers and Standard & Poor's Corporation, Ms. Myerberg and Mr. Taylor successfully created the UK’s first independent, non-bank mortgage lending and servicing organization, produced the first UK mortgage pool insurance policies, and developed a unique transaction structure that resulted in the UK’s first public offering of mortgage-backed securities in 1987.


John Contino: John Contino has over 25 years of experience in the U.S. mortgage-backed and asset-backed capital markets. Mr. Contino has provided mortgage and asset-backed securities investment advisory services to a wide array of institutional clients, including REITs, insurance companies, broker-dealers, money managers, and U.S. Government agencies. The advisory services provided by Mr. Contino have included the valuation of complex mortgage securities at both the portfolio and enterprise levels, sales advisory services and assistance for loan pools and complex mortgage securities, and assistance in the development of mortgage loan origination and mortgage securities investment businesses. In addition, Mr. Contino created and launched a mortgage credit fund for Structured Portfolio Management, a Stamford, CT – based investment fund group, designing the mortgage credit analytic framework from scratch and assisting in the development of the fund’s portfolio risk controls. Mr. Contino de-levered the fund’s underlying asset portfolio in early 2007 to avoid mortgage market dislocations, and the fund was never faced with forced selling as a result. Having generated positive returns for its investors, the fund was absorbed into another strategy. In the early 1990’s, Mr. Contino also managed approximately $120 million in investor equity for two mortgage funds run by New Amsterdam Partners, a New York, NY-based money manager, that posted +20% annualized returns during his tenure.  Mr. Contino began his career in mortgage finance at PaineWebber, working on the creation of securitizations for various Government-Sponsored Enterprises.   Mr. Contino graduated from Cornell University.